Overprint – what is it & why is it?

Sometimes, production processes can hit unexpected bumps. Machines might have minor errors, or labels could get damaged during finishing. This is the main reason overprint exists. Without the 10% overprint, even a small hiccup could lead to label shortages and production delays, which in the end can result in delays in getting the beverages canned and shipped out.

Here are some details to give more insight into how the overprint is used:

In short, the 10% overprint is a small but crucial part of label production. Consider it as a safety net, ensuring you get what you ordered, no matter what unexpected challenges arise. It’s a reflection of our dedication to your success and the quality of the labels we provide. In addition to keeping promises, we’re committed to sustainability. The extra labels from the overprint aren’t wasted but instead offered to our customers. They can be used for quality control in the production line, as samples, or to address unforeseen label needs. We believe that they are better in use than throwing them away and generating waste, which is environmentally speaking, the last thing we wish to do with them.