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Wisby gives you instant label prices. Choose the material, size and amount and the price is there. Easy!

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To get the best price, choose the solution type that describes your production the best. Every solution is set to calculate prices and conditions that meet the production sizes to offer best available price. If you have a custom size or amount, let us know and we will make you a personal offer that meets your needs


Labels for micro productions, who brew on hobby or homebrewing scale. You get predefined formats, smaller amounts, flexible delivery and quality material


Label solutions for smaller productions, who have scaled up and have a descent demand for products. You get predefined formats, better production conditions and all needed to turn cost saving into growth


Optimal solution for medium sized companies that are strong on the market and are looking for reliable ways to optimize label costs. Personalised offers are created to meet the specifics of your production and offer best possible label price

Cut label costs

Our network of printing partners enables us to find you the best place for label printing. We have printers all over Europe, so we know the prices are competitive and can offer up to 20% cost saving on labels per year

Easy ordering

Wisby is the solution you need! Our all-in-one solution allows you to send inquiries, save and repeat purchases in a few clicks. All the budgets are automatically calculated and what best - you never have to worry about finding files - they´re here, safe and sound in Wisby.

Swift and organised

All of the communication is in Wisby. No more e-mail searching or excel scrolling. Open the chat and order like never before. Never miss a bea

Instant price

Wisby is fast! Prices are automatically calculated in seconds and in case of custom orders or sizes, you will get a quick quote from our Sales team. Did we say it is fast

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Double win with Wisby

Our production cost and time is significantly lower with Wisby, so you might say we have a double win situation. In addition to prices, cooperation is always personal and well aided.

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Our team

Kaspar Päll - Wisby CEO

Kaspar Päll

Wisby CEO

There´s a saying in real estate that fits well into production-

Money is made when you buy, not when you sell

We are one of the first label ordering platforms and see huge potential in bringing European label producers and customers into one place - Wisby. Our approach is customer-centered and we act like in-house purchase manager on logistics manager, all-in-one. Wisby delivers the best offer on the market from suppliers and thanks to our partners and automated system, we can do it for 25% cheaper label price. The more efficient the purchasing is via Wisby, the more there is profit for our customers to invest in growth.



Wisby is a modern production company, aimed to change the printing industry for good. We bridge demand and offer in a way that has never been done before. In Wisby, efficiency is key and by opening the markets to a whole new level we can offer prices that are up to 20% better that local markets can offer.

Until today, ordering printwork was dull and time consuming, but not anymore. Our goal is to take the European market and bring together different production companies and printers to generate a regional marketplace in a convenient ecosystem where the label ordering is fast, convenient and modern.

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