How to “premium” up the label

In today’s market, over 80% of consumer purchasing decisions are impulsive. This poses a major challenge for packaging designers who must create packaging that instantly captivates consumers.

Consumer packaging designers face a demanding task. They need to design appealing labels that make their client’s products stand out on shelves while also being in line with the unique cost, performance, and productivity requirements.

A popular approach among designers is incorporating silvery labels on bottles and containers. Silver labels and decorations provide products with a “premium” appearance, setting the brand apart. Silver and metal are often associated with qualities like luxury, trendiness, and innovation. In highly competitive markets, such as craft brewing, using a shiny metal label becomes a simple yet effective strategy to catch the eye of potential customers and drive sales.

Label manufacturers are now providing solutions that enable the creation of high-quality, attention-grabbing silver labels without any drawbacks for their clients. Most commonly the material for such a result is PP Silver. A bright metalized film that is guaranteed to catch the eye and offer unique possibilities to really premium up the label design. It comes with a slightly higher price point, but considering the general impact on brand appeal, it is worth it!

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