GSBF recap

This year’s The Great Swedish Beer Festival was epic, as usual. Big shout out to the organizers for making this happen again🫶🏻

So, where do we start? One thing we can say is oh boy, was the wind strong. I think this is something that came as a surprise and caught us off guard. After some beer tasting, it seemed like it was pretty hard to walk straight. It was the wind. Had to be the wind 🙂

To our positive surprise, Elmeleven sold out beers every session. Kinda makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside to see your customer as a hot stand and people enjoy their beer so much. Super good beer, no doubt, but also a super good feeling to see them succeeding.

Sanna winning the Årets Kulturbärare title was a huge hit. Everyone loved it and it was good to see so much love going out that way. Shows that the decision was more than right and we applaud for that👏🏻

Erik from Hyllie Bryggeri and his custom jacket was a piece of art. We´ve seen brewers crazy about their beer, but Erik rocketed this to another level and it was a positive thing to see that there is so much pride in the work that they do.

As the industry has had a rocky road for the past year, it was certainly a handful of good vibes to hear that Stockholm Brewery was bought and is back in business. Always hard to see breweries struggle or go down in business, but at least this is a success story at the end.

The joke of the night goes to – Gulf of Finland is the East Sea of Sweden 😀 That one cracked us up many times and still brings a smirk to the face.

To sum up, we saw a lot of friends and met even more new ones and this truly is an event that always brings joy and feels like home to go to.