Combined price calculation reduces label prices

How combined pricing works

The general logic to combined pricing is actually pretty simple ā€“ the higher the volume, the lower the unit price.

In order to get the best price for your labels, Wisby checks your order basket and combines similar products to base the unit price on the highest possible quantity of similar kind labels.

Example: 5 different labels in the basket, all 5000pcs to print. 3 labels are 0,33L can labels, 1 is 0,44L can and 1 is 0,275ml bottle label.

Wisby portal calculates:

3 x 5000 = 15 000pcs

1 x 5000 = 5000pcs

1 x 5000 = 5000pcs

So in this case, instead of 5 x 5000pcs price, you instantly get similar 0,33L can labels merged and now you get 15 000pcs unit price, which is almost 2x cheaper vs 5000pcs. 

What criteria are there for combining labels

  1. Size* (should be in the same category, e.g 0,33L)

The following parameters must be an exact match

  1. Material
  2. Core size
  3. Finish
  4. Winding direction

For example, when everything else matches, but one label has laminate and the other has varnish as a finish, then we are not able to offer you a combined price for these labels.

*Main criteria is that the labels need to be in the same general size category, but they can have a slightly different size vs standardized label sizes. The Wisby portal has been configured so that within every label category, you have the chance to edit sizes to the point where they are still in the category norms.