5 Key Considerations for Preparing Your Label Design File

Preparing your label design file is a critical step in the label printing process. A well-prepared design file can ensure that your labels are printed accurately and to your exact specifications. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when preparing your label design file to ensure high-quality and successful label printing:

  1. Use High-Quality Images and Graphics: high-quality images and graphics in your label design ensure that your labels look professional and visually appealing. If you are unsure about the quality of your images or graphics, it may be worth consulting with Wisby to get a second opinion.
  2. Follow Wisby Specifications: Our different printers may have varying specifications for label design files. We will provide specifics for your designer in case of particular demands or label requirements. Please carefully review our printer’s specifications and follow them closely when preparing your design file. This helps ensure that your labels are printed accurately and in the correct size, color schematics, and format.
  3. Check Your Margins and Bleeds: Margins and bleeds are important design considerations. Margins ensure that your design elements are not too close to the edge of the label, while bleeds ensure that the ink extends all the way to the edge of the label.
  4. Ensure Readability: Ensure that your label is easy to read and understand. This involves using clear and legible fonts, appropriate font sizes, and easy-to-read colors. Also, consider the size of your label and the distance at which it will be viewed.
  5. Review and Proofread: Review and proofread your design file carefully before submitting it to Wisby. This helps catch any errors or typos that could negatively impact the appearance of your labels or result in a re-print.

Preparing your label design file requires attention to detail and adherence to printer specifications. Following these key considerations will help ensure high-quality and successful label printing. Remember to consult our sales staff if you are unsure about these steps.